Our Pricing

Listing Side


  • Review listing agreement and follow up with clients/agent for any missing signatures/initials and turn documents into brokerage
  • Reach out to Sellers with an introductory email and prompt for them to complete the Seller disclosure electronically through the preferred method (IE. Glide, Docusign, etc), send AVID to agent to complete through Glide if needed
  • Pre-open escrow with preferred title company and escrow officer and provide Seller’s contact information
  • Request escrow number, the preliminary title report, and HOA documents (if applicable)
  • Order Natural hazard disclosure report and/or home warranty (if desired)
  • Once contract is ratified, review for accuracy and take necessary steps to solve any contract issues (such as drawing corrective addenda, etc.)
  • Reach out to all parties with an introductory email and timeline and turn sale into brokerage
  • Provide all Seller disclosures and reports to the Buyer’s agent and their TC
  • Assist in tracking transaction timeframes for receipt of earnest money deposit, disclosure delivery, contingency removals, and close of escrow as well as send out reminders to the Buyer’s agent and other parties as needed in advance of approaching due dates
  • Constant communication with the Buyer’s agent, title company, and lender (if applicable) throughout the transaction to ensure all deadlines are being met.
  • Ensure all disclosures/reports have been provided and signatures, initials, and dates are completed
  • Prepare any addenda, contingency removals, contract extensions, etc. and send out for signatures as needed
  • Perform final file audit

Buyer Side


  • Email all parties an introductory email and escrow timeline
  • Send purchase agreement and escrow information to lender (if applicable) and request prequal letter, if needed
  • Provide Buyer’s contact information to title company and request wiring instructions
  • Follow up with listing agent and/or TC for Seller disclosures and reports and title company for the preliminary title report, CC&R’s, NHD report, initial deposit receipt, and HOA documents (if applicable)
  • Order Buyer’s home warranty
  • Email Buyer all disclosures and reports for review, and prepare documents for signatures via DocuSign
  • Reach out to Buyer’s agent with reminders in advance of contractual due dates and take action as needed (such as sending out contingency removals, requests for repair, or addenda to clients to sign, and forwarding to listing agent)
  • Track disclosures for signatures and send signed disclosures to cooperating agent and their TC
  • Follow up for Buyer’s agent’s AVID (prepare for completion via Glide if desired)
  • Send all inspection reports to Buyers to sign receipt
  • Follow up with listing agent for documentation related to repair requests (if applicable) such as paid invoices, notices of completion of pest work
  • Prepare addenda for any negotiated seller concessions such as a seller credit towards buyer’s closing costs or price reduction
  • Follow up with title company for closing status as close of escrow date approaches
  • Perform final file audit

Double End Sale